Monday, July 25, 2005

SMB Update

We had so much fun last week - First off, all of us as staff were on the same page theologically so there was complete unity in leadership for the kids! praise God! the speaker was clif johnson - we were able to spend much time with he and his wife kristi, and built a great new friendship - he "unwrapped" the gospel all week long - he had no problem challenging these kids and we loved it! He had recommended books for each talk - the first book he pulled out of his sack was systematic theology - he said that back at his home church the 8th graders are walking the 7th graders through that book! - so great - The staff at the camp had another guy booked to speak at first, but he got a position to train under piper at bethlehem baptist so that he will go plant another church in about a year i think - (i hope my memory is correct on that) so that guy (i want to say his name was jordan) recommended clif to bob (the youth pastor) and the rest is history - the gospel was unpacked and seriously impacted the lives of the students! There was a precious girl there, that grew up in the Catholic Church - at her church they were not allowed to read the Bible for themselves and she just never understood it - she was able to read it this week and said "When i started to read it for myself, it just made sense" - she was so overwhelmed by Christ and who He is - it was beautiful - She has already written me a couple e-mails explaining to me how she has told her parents and how they are supportive - praise God!!! OH!!! and right beside the camp was a language center for New Tribes Missions (that's the missions organization Mark Zuk(sp?) ministered through) - we were able to go on thursday and tour the grounds - it was the neatest thing - i'm convinced that i would be there if i weren't in music ministry - i hope one day to still get to go - i got plenty of info for the missions table in the college class -
on the last day of the camp i started to lose my voice and i was getting a bit sick - but we made it through the last meeting on friday morning and then i lost my voice completely for the next day - God's timing is crazy - we didn't have anything we needed to do until saturday night when we got to high point for a sound check for sunday morning - i wasn't really able to sing then so we decided not to push it so i could hopefully sing in the morning - everything went as planned - i was able to sing in the morning and then it was just a matter of waiting til our concert that evening - my voice went again sometime that afternoon - somehow the Lord allowed me to be able to do the songs a few steps lower than usual :) (i think i sounded like a boy) - but now my voice is gone completely again and we are driving to hilliard, florida this week to lead another youth camp - please pray that the Lord restores my voice and health so that we can fulfill this commitment to the camp - and if He chooses not to, pray that I would find where and how He wants me to serve the students this week :)
Thanks ya'll!!! (feel free to comment or e-mail - i'd love to hear from ya)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Red Mountain

There is a great worship movement within the church towards reigniting the passionate worship contained in hymns of old... to worship Christ with words that contain depth of truth and repentance and a heart of honesty before the throne of grace - Red Mountain Church has put out 3 cds of hymns that have been restored musically to be reintroduced to the church for corporate worship - Their worship team traveled to a church in Mebane so a group of us went - It is always a joy to worship Christ with other believers - this was a sweet time...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

my precious faith :)

faith is so sweet - she is my niece - she kept wanting me to play and slide with her - i told her i might be too big for that :)...

"You're too big, Shelly" - hahaha, gotta watch what you say around kids ... :) then she would say "Yay, Shelly!" when i got down the slide - she's so cute

she loves elmo

here's her sneaky smile before she goes back in to hide

Church, state and the courts in America
But whose law should prevail?

Jun 30th 2005 - From The Economist print edition
"The church-state divide may once again be about to dominate American politics..."

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  • Wednesday, July 13, 2005


    Deuteronomy 32:1-3
    1“Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak,
    and let the earth hear the words of my mouth.
    2 May my teaching drop as the rain,
    my speech distill as the dew,
    like gentle rain upon the tender grass,
    and like showers upon the herb.
    3 For I will proclaim the name of the Lord;
    ascribe greatness to our God!"

    This month SMB is featured on the homepage of - It's a great site with many resources...there are a ton of books I'm hoping to buy from there that I can't afford yet - But I wanted to let ya'll know about the site just in case you didn't already - go there...enjoy.

    Friday, July 08, 2005

    Friday Night @ the Boone's

    Providence College Ministry does a summer meeting that I think is just not officially named - so it's affectionately called "Friday Night @ the Boone's" - it's a great time of fellowship (with great food!), worship, & teaching....

    Here are some pix from the one tonight...

    Meet the Boone's

    this is the cool outdoor area they have right behind the house where we open the word and soak up teaching - here, daniel and mike are leading some musical worship

    just an artsy pic from the fireplace in the house - so neat!

    Cutch brought it - praise the Lord for His great mercies.....

    ....and of course, i couldn't resist getting a pic of the cutest baby there :) here's emma with her sweet mom, rebecca

    Lots of Pictures :) More to come...

    emily - smiling :)

    emma enjoying panera bread on a great sunday lunch

    lindsay's pretty pearly whites

    nick and allison at providence... they are a sweet couple that serve in the college class

    charlie in town after being overseas for 10 months on stint with Crusade

    charlie is amazed at how technology has changed in the short time he's been gone :) macs are great :)

    college friends :) kelly and mandy - came over to hang out for a bit while charlie was in town

    my sister is expecting her second :) - here she is with our parents :):) i love my family!

    my niece, faith, having a blast with her daddy :)

    my lil sis, malia, chillin with the camera at the shower - she hosted the shower with me and my mom

    my new nephew's name is John Bewick Gouch, III - but he'll go by "Jack"

    i got to visit mike and vanessa willis when i was out in texas

    lindsay and jeremy :) married!!!

    at the rehearsal dinner.... so in love.

    i met lindsay on a world changers mission trip after my freshman year of high school - and we've been friends ever since...

    her dress is so pretty - here she's dancing with her dad

    this is mike, me, and joseph (our stylist for the photoshoot, hehehe...) - his hair? extensions!!!

    pretty flowers

    pretty butterfly

    the 3 above are pictures from a beautiful place i went to in alabama

    random sunday lunch at qdoba with marty (now marty moore :))

    notice the print behind us :)

    dana, emily, patti, and i all went to the picasso exhibit at 5am on the last day :) it was the only time left open :) there were way too many people there that early in the morning....

    this was after our concert at the Vineyard with Chasing Salem :) they are great....