Sunday, August 28, 2005


this is JACK!!!

this is the monitor while jack was still in shannon's tummy - the top red line is jack's heartrate - the purple line is shannon's heartrate - and the black line monitors her contractions (as you can see...this was not long before jack came)

such a precious family - faith was sick at home - so sad she couldn't be there - i went to see her after leaving the hospital and she said "Mommy had da baby" - she's pumped

the sisters :) and da baby :) so cute!!!

itunes request

hey - if you are bored all day long and looking for something to fill your time - you can do some shameless promo for smb if you want...
right now we are not on itunes b/c we are not on a label but you can go to

  • iTunes Feedback

  • and request that itunes adds us as a new artist
    it would be great to be added there b/c we are not in stores and itunes is used more than indie cd sales sites
    love ya'll
    comment if you did it! :)

    Friday, August 26, 2005

    Patti update 3 - and other news

    well well well....where to start - overall patti began having seizures this week - i called an ambulance, so we went to the er - they ran some tests and didn't find anything, but they knew there was a problem b/c of the seizure - so they gave her a medicine for it and scheduled an immediate appt. with a neurologist - so that brings us up to today...her appt. is with Dr. Perkins at 1:00 - if you will, please pray that the Lord will grant him insight to what is happening - we praise God that the seizures began b/c the doctors thought that everything was spine related before and now we are aware that they may have been just treating symptoms - so this is progress....
    in other sister is being induced today for multiple health reasons - so i will have a new nephew in the next 24 hours - praise God!

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    Monday, August 22, 2005

    patti update 2

    so today i went to take patti to get her mri done - she won't know the full results until she goes back to get a follow-up appt. with her spine doctor - thanks so much for caring and asking about her health - :) we are both grateful. please continue to pray for her as she seeks counsel from the church and answers from doctors - Our Father is the great healer and we rest in knowing He is sovereign over every detail of patti's health
    Covered in grace...

    Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    patti update i said in the last post, patti was having a lot of pain in her leg - it was painful to the point that she now can't really walk on it - she's been using her crutches but since she can't really lift her leg, she's been dragging it a bit - last night on her way to bed - she put weird pressure on her ankle as she tried to drag her leg and somehow fractured her ankle - still without insurance, she made a doctors appt. and the doctor was great - she wrapped it up tight in some sort of brace that patti has to keep on for a good long while (3 weeks maybe?...i forget) Well, now patti is probably chillin at home - call her and encourage her if you get a chance - it's no fun being stuck at home alone - i'm going back tomorrow night - (i'm in charlotte now - had a doctor's appt. today) anyway - that's enough rambling for this post - love you guys :)

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    Patti in the ER

    so patti was having a "pins and needles" kind of pain in her right leg for a few days so as it kept getting worse and harder to walk, she decided to go to the ER - they took x-rays and highly recommended that she see her spine specialist asap - the x-rays looked good - so they think she may have some pinched nerves - so we'll have to wait and see- her mri appt is on monday - then she'll have a follow-up appt with her spine specialist

    This is patti in pain

    This is patti on percocet :)
    she was pretty funny!

    A Few Days at the Beach :)

    seth and kelly (the sweet couple on the left-hand side of the pic) are two of my best friends from college that married right out of college and moved to Green Bay!!! they were gone for about a year and kelly just recently got a job transfer back to NC - they live just outside of Wilmington - so great! so many people are glad they are home - Charlie (another close friend from college) was there visiting as well - fun times...

    patti and me.... "down by the riverside"

    seth and charlie

    another one of my artsy pix - this is in downtown wilmington

    the last day charlie was there we went shopping down by the river - there was this beautiful fountain and we set the camera up on timer to get a quick picture (also, it was a great excuse to sit down by the cool mist of water - it was so hot that day)

    me and charlie bein dumb in a store :)

    seth styers came by to go to breakfast with us the last morning we were there

    the sky was beautiful on the way home - this is not even photoshopped!

    Tom's b-day party :):):)

    Here are some fun pix from tom's princess-themed birthday party :)

    eating snacks before the big surprise

    decorating for tom's princess party

    the beautiful birthday cake patti made :) it was so good!

    tom was surprised :)

    the birthday boy

    the newly married man friend of the birthday boy

    the funniest moment of the night

    everyone laughing

    still laughing

    kevin eating tom's presents

    mike and josh (josh was attempting to capture the princess-feel of the party - notice his stance, and the lean in - very nice...)

    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Happy Birthday Tom!

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    I'm on fire!!!

    so today i was leaning down to light some candles in my living room...
    and when i leaned down some of my hair came forward from behind my ear and was set aflame - praise the Lord, it was right in front of my face so i was able to just blow it out real quick - pretty funny and yet a tragic end to my no-bang streak

    Sunday, August 07, 2005

    Matt Newkirk's Wedding!!!

    Matt Newkirk, a friend of mine from college, got married this past weekend to the love of his life, Caroline. Here's a pic of the lovebirds...

    the wedding singers

    The song Matt wrote for us to sing was about the relationship between Christ and the church - it was so beautiful that i want to share the words with you ....

    "Jesus His Bride Shall Keep"
    Jesus His bride shall keep, He covers her with His blood
    Atoned for she now will be spotless in front of God
    His love for her stands and stretches eternally
    He testifies with His pierced hands, Jesus His bride shall keep

    Jesus His bride shall keep, He beckons and draws her near
    With water and through the word, He washes her blamelessly
    She comes to His side, presented so radiantly
    Her crimson stains have been purified, Jesus His bride shall keep

    Jesus His bride shall keep, He calls her to be His own
    The heavenly wedding feast will welcome her to her home
    As one they unite and reign in eternity
    Bound by His love she is glorified, Jesus His bride shall keep

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    Family Time

    this week i am at a camp with my family - it's a Joni & Friends camp to strengthen and encourage families affected by disability - there are so many handicap accessible activities - they even have a pulley system so that the special needs kids can climb a wall and do a ropes course - pretty neat - i don't think i've ever seen my brother get to do this much fun stuff :)
    don't worry though, his favorite thing will always be Chuck-E-Cheese :)

    this was at the sock hop :) andy is dancing with my mom

    my sis and i were doing the twist - she held her balance much better than i could

    i just love this pic - the clouds just resting on the mountains - so cool...
    this is the view from our condo at lake lure - we stayed there the night before we came to camp

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    Back to Camp

    Thanks so much for your prayers last week - I didn't have internet access or even a cell phone signal for most of the week - (i think i'm city-spoiled) - but here's the update - i'm still a bit sick but the Lord decided to not bring my voice back until later in the week - I ended up going to urgent care on wednesday - and it came back for thursday's morning meeting and for a concert we were supposed to do thursday night - then we left on friday - but once again, God was so faithful - There were some girls i had the opportunity to talk to and hang out with when i didn't have much of a voice - they were awesome - overall, i had the priviledge of walking a girl through the word to explain how she could be saved and know Christ - i prayed with her and saw the Lord just open her heart to Himself and show her the riches of knowing Him - it was beautiful - and i also had to opportunity to listen to a girl tell me her story of how she knew Christ at one point but felt so empty still, and was a cutter (she would cut herself when things got overwhelming - or when she felt a flood of emotion - it was a way to feel in control of her life) - it was a crazy story - we talked for a long time and she rededicated her life to Christ and knew the changes she needed to make - it was awesome!!! she was so overwhelmed with emotion and she went and talked to her youth pastor (tim howard) and told him all this - it was great to see his heart for his students all week long - so great... i wish all of you could have been there...