Wednesday, September 28, 2005

southern homestyle biscuits

mmm...mmm....good - i woke up this morning and patti wanted biscuits for breakfast - so i put some in the oven - they came out just right - (i'll teach ya later allison - we can have a fun lesson at your place next week) - it was a nice break to everything that has been happening in my life lately - just to sit and eat a biscuit with grape jelly - there's just something relaxing about that
i think my life lately has been crazier and a bit more stressful than i've allowed myself to believe - patti's health issues are back and forth as far as severity and frequency - so you never really know now when she's going to have a seizure - last night she went in the kitchen to take tylenol and just collapsed on the floor and went in to a seizure - no warning whatsoever - we are living in a 3 bedroom place (our 3rd roomie moved out a while ago) on month to month - so we are paying way more money than we should for rent - with patti's health issues and need for 24-hr care, neither one of us are working - i'm here all day with her and then a couple people from church come by at night to take shifts watching so i can sleep and be on again for the next day - by the grace of God i still have some money saved up from some band events that we did this past summer, so i've been able to pay bills and things - but i'm aggressively looking for a new place to live - and i have applied for what could be a great job i think, but still haven't heard anything back - i had 3 interviews and then they called for my references - hope to hear something soon - ....which poses another problem - we can't really move until at least one of us has a job - for some reason they don't really let that slide on a credit application - so even though we've actually found a really fun place to live, we can't submit applications yet - all this time i'm feeling like i'm not being wise with my money and feeling very wasteful stressing about paying a ridiculous amount of money for rent that could be spent on better things - but that's just one of the many thoughts that goes through my head during the day -
sometimes i think about things too much and stress myself out - but God has given me rest, new mercies, and a biscuit with jelly this morning - i love Him and trust Him to work out what He's doing in my life - i don't want to become anxious and start acting as though i'm in control - i know He will provide in His timing and that His timing is perfect - so this is a time of leaning on Him, trusting in His plan and provisions, and relinquishing all control (as if i ever had it) - i pray the leaning, trusting, and relinquishing never ends

Friday, September 23, 2005



  • there's "Greek" taught by Bill Mounce
    "Pastoral Theology" taught by John Piper
    "Luther" taught by Gordon Isaac

    church history....old testament....
    and many many more - so go....learn....know Christ more and love Him more

    (it's all free! and you can either listen online or download it and burn it to cd or listen on your ipod)

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Which Theologian Are You???

    this is neat - this is apparently my theological makeup - i am a tie between calvin and luther - maybe it's because i've been reading the institutes lately along with "here i stand" - makes sense ....- be sure to comment and say who you are!!!

    You scored as John Calvin. Much of what is now called Calvinism had more to do with his followers than Calvin himself, and so you may or may not be committed to TULIP, though God's sovereignty is all important.

    John Calvin


    Martin Luther


    Karl Barth




    Jonathan Edwards


    J�rgen Moltmann




    Paul Tillich


    Friedrich Schleiermacher


    Charles Finney


    Which theologian are you?
    created with

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Update after Patti's Doc. Appt. i know you've all been waiting along with us for the results of the EEG and the MRI ....
    well - they both came out great - normal - showing nothing
    which is good for obvious reasons and bad b/c they don't know much about what type of seizures she's having or what the cause might be - so....the plan of action is to go back tomorrow, and she will be suited with an ambulatory EEG (they will put wires on her head to read signals and a box on her waist that the wires attach to, that will keep the record of the signals) that she will have to wear for 48 hours - we will go back on Friday to turn in the equipment and then she will have another appt. in a week for the results of that - in the meantime they've increased the dosage of medication from 600 milligrams twice a day to 900 twice a day - same medicine - so she's been a bit sick to her stomach today - i guess that is to be expected with the medicine increase... and she just had a seizure - the medicine increase will take a couple days to actually show an affect on her body -
    i think that's all i have for you - keep her in your prayers and know that i appreciate every one of your efforts to help and serve
    *we had been praying about how patti was financially going to afford this appt. - there was just no money anywhere - we got to the appt. and they printed out her form with a $365 balance in the financial area of the form - of course we were confused b/c she had paid everything in full up until this point (we were going to seek a payment plan of some type for this appt.) - anyway - so we went back up to registration and asked where the balance came from and they said that was a credit! so i don't know what happened - or who of you put money towards this - but praise God! the appt. was covered in full - it ended up costing 341.50 - all which was covered by the credit....
    prayer needs:
    *please pray specifically that this ambulatory EEG will show the doctors more of what is going on so they can prescribe a medicine that is appropriate
    *pray for patti to continue to stay strong in faith - trusting that God has a plan for His glory through this
    *pray for me - as i just recently came down with a "cold-ish thingie" - that i will not be lazy but that i would continue to serve and not want to be served (i get real dumb like that when i'm sick)

    thank you so much
    i love ya'll

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    Patti's Birthday!!!

    Here are some pictures from Patti's b-day celebration on Sunday - just so you all know - she had a few seizures that day and has no recollection of her party aside from what people tell her and these pictures - so if you have anything to add to her memories of it she would love to know! also - this may be a more obvious note - if you made any type of plans with her or if you had an important conversation - please make sure to repeat those conversations - i love you guys - thanks for coming to celebrate!

    pretty cake

    the birthday girl blowing out her candles :)

    me, patti, and megan

    tom, ryan, and marty chillin on the couch

    We all had fun - WE LOVE PATTI CAKE :)

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    more birthday fun

    well it all started with a great night at worship team discipleship/bible study - daniel decided to make the group sing me happy birthday (* i've never heard it sung so pretty :)* ) so i had to get a pic of the lovely renstrom couple wearing the birthday theme of choice spongebob party hats - ya'll are great - thanks for everything you all said - i'm surrounded by an encouraging bunch of jokers :)

    after that some people went to ihop to celebrate with me as i ate pancakes with peanut butter - best combo ever! josh and pri brought the peanut butter so don't expect to go to ihop and just get it there - they don't have any peanut butter - i know i's craziness.

    adam and nat checkin out my stirrers and straws

    the queen of the tea shaker kit :)....yep, i'm officially a dork

    roomies forever - haha - that'll probably end up happening you patti

    mike and tom being funny

    dana and emily thoroughly enjoying patti's leftover pumpkin pancakes

    tom had a lot of fun taking pictures most of the time we were there - thanks for that - i'm loving the artsy ones

    emily, me, & dana

    tom, josh, and pri

    even the moon was beautiful - on the trip back to the house patti and i pulled over to take a picture of it - praise God for lavish gifts such as beauty around us that we don't deserve - His creation is leading us to worship Him - praise God!!!

    overall - i am just thankful for another day and the mercies the Lord continues to pour over me - i am thankful for the friendships in Christ i've been granted - and i'm just so thankful for Christ - so....back to another day of living for His purposes and enjoying Him forever - be encouraged - Our God's goodness is what maintains our lives and makes them worth living - deep thoughts on a birthday...haha

    "From the power of God we are naturally led to consider his eternity since that from which all other things derive their origin must necessarily be selfexistent and eternal. Moreover, if it be asked what cause induced him to create all things at first, and now inclines him to preserve them, we shall find that there could be no other cause than his own goodness. But if this is the only cause, nothing more should be required to draw forth our love towards him; every creature, as the Psalmist reminds us, participating in his mercy. “His tender mercies are over all his works,” (Ps. 145:9)." (calvin's institutes)

    Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    Discipleship Birthday Fun

    how many pcm girls does it take to blow out a candle :) i love ya'll! allison snapped a picture right after i'd blown out the candle so we kept doing retakes - and i kept laughing - thought this would be fun :) ya'll are great

    here is the amazing pineapple upsidedown cake alllison made for me - it was so good! best i've ever had!

    We had a great time eating and sharing prayer requests and praises then patti decided she knew where the real party was at and had another seizure - the patti party never ends :) we love you!

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    b-day time with my family's not my birthday until the 14th - but my mom was up in durham helping my sister and her husband with faith and taking care of things around the house as they take care of jack and as shannon recovers a bit :)

    this is my lovely mom :) she's great

    father and son :) so sweet - jack is doing better, by the way, so thanks for your prayers for his health - praise God.

    faith likes to make funny faces - she's so much fun to play with -

    it's so hard to leave when she runs to give me a hug and says "bye she-wy"...heartbreaking really - c'mon how could you resist this cute face!!!

    God is amazing....

    this is a sunset patti and i were blessed to witness from our apartment the other night :) God is amazing - praise Him!

    the Shaws :)

    the lovely newlyweds - erin and dave

    the pretty flowers i had the privilege of wearing as the wedding singer - haha

    Saturday, September 03, 2005

    patti and baby jack are all the updates i can think of....
    1. Patti is feeling better every day - still has seizures daily but she has an MRI tomorrow morning before church - so we are anxious to get the results from the EEG and the MRI at her next appt. on the 20th
    2. Baby Jack has need of prayer for his health - please pray for him - and Faith is feeling better
    3. I just went to a wedding this past weekend - Erin Parrish and Dave Shaw are now married (i guess i was starting that like it was an update on me - but it ended up being more of an update in general)
    4. There really aren't any other updates to be told ....

    i just want to thank everyone again who has given their time and love to care for patti - that means so much to me - thank you - :):):)