Monday, October 24, 2005


So this past weekend I stayed at my sister's house so we could all go to church the next morning and support her and John as they dedicated their new little baby boy to the Lord :) praise God - it was so great to be with my entire family for a bit - then on sunday after church my dad mentioned he had never gone to the State Fair and so we went :) we had a great time - my little sister won a water pistol racing game - she said she'd never won anything before - so it was a special moment :) i'm glad i was there for it

as i was thinking about other fun memories i've had with my family - one sticks out beyond the rest....times in the car with my dad - listening to the oldies station - and singing along like goofballs :) - this song was definitely our favorite :)

this is an audio post - click to play

I'm Employed - PRAISE GOD!

Some of you know this by now - but i still feels it's worth the post...
I applied for a job at Providence Baptist Church (the church I am a member of) - and i am happy to tell you that the Lord was gracious and allowed Providence to believe I might be an asset to the team - (we fooled 'em) :) - the title is "Project Manager" - it's under the communication dept. - I will be working alongside the design team at Providence and all the ministry heads that have project design needs - I am a bit nervous b/c i am starting at a very busy season for the church so there's a lot going on - I'm hopeful that the "learning curve" moves quickly so that my addition to the team isn't burdensome for anyone - i am so excited - i am joining the staff of a church I love and will be able to serve the church with things I've learned - (I was an Art & Design major) - it seemed to good to be true - i never thought that the Lord would use that dinky copy job for anything more than financial provision for the moment - but yes...even what i did there is going to be helpful in this position - crazy, i know - but through this i've been able to see and rejoice in how much God is over every detail - it's been amazing to see His hand guide every step of this - Patti's health has gotten so much better and it's no coincidence that it's "just in time" for me to start a new job and for us to move into a new place
i'll be working with some other girls that serve in the college class at Providence as well -
here's a picture of the working girls!! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2005


jason and julie are engaged - i got a cute picture of them at a friend's wedding so i thought i'd post it and celebrate the good news of their engagement with the whole blogging world :)
what a gift each of you are - i am thankful for the ways the Lord has used both of you in my life - Praise God, He is bringing such faithful pursuers of Himself together for His glory
love ya'll

Monday, October 17, 2005


so we have great news for all the fans and followers of patti's health situation - she has not had a seizure since this past Thursday morning - PRAISE GOD!! please continue to pray as she is weaning off of the meds they had her on - this is obviously great progress and we thank ya'll for your support and prayers - the many people that have helped and assisted on all occasions have blessed us more than you know and we are so grateful! we are in a testing period now of not having any night help - it went well last night - we are hopeful that this will continue, but we know that the Lord gives and takes away - so whatever the Lord brings with each new day pray that we are ever-ready with thankfulness and praise in our hearts and on our lips for the glory of His grace given to us in Christ - we have so much to be thankful for :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

this was just an awesome print i somehow came across online - go see the rest of the artists work at
i could stare at this all day long....

Friday, October 07, 2005

Shower for Meg :)

This is my sweet friend Meg - she is so cute - she had a lingerie shower tonight - and so the pictures of the shower that would be appropriate to post are minimal - but we had a blast!

of course i had to get the shot of allison eating :) every pregnant woman loves that!

the shower was at allison's house - she opens that place up for so many things - thanks to allison for the fun times and all the preparation - and thanks to meg for just being such a great sister in Christ - what a gift you are for Mr. Josh Blinson!

Great is Thy faithfulness...

So... i'm continually trusting the Lord to provide for my needs here in Raleigh - He has not forsaken me - and I know there is nothing i should be anxious about or start to worry about b/c He knows my needs before even i am able to see them - so especially now i can trust that He already is working out a plan for His glory -'s such a relief to just refocus and actually type that - i struggle sometimes living as though i believe it

He woke me up this morning as the gentle sunlight crept into my room - covered me with His gracious abundance of new mercies - and has sustained my breath to this very moment - what a gracious and faithful God we serve...

i thought it would be good for me to eat something good for my body this morning - even if it's not so great to the tastebuds - i opened my box of kashi protein packed cereal and poured myself a small serving - i felt really good afterwards about my decision to be healthy and it didn't even taste as bad as i had remembered - then i sat around for a while and looked on the table where there were cookies still left out that were made last night - i helped myself to one and then offered the last one to patti - she told me she had already had too many brownies this morning......
i was like..."what! we have brownies!?!" i had completely forgotten that sarah had brought some over last night - so then i rushed to the kitchen and ruined my morning of health by throwin down 3 or 4 brownies (they were awesome by the way!)
i'll start being more healthy tomorrow - after i finish the rest of them :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

patti patti bo batty

so a while back we went to get the ambulatory eeg for patti (equipment that recorded her brain waves for 48 hours) - she was funny as usual - laughin it up in the neurology office - mirror mirror in my hand, who's the craziest in the land :)
gotta love her (despite her vanity issues :))

the day she got her brain wave readers off i made her a batch of cookies to celebrate - then she had so much glue left in her hair that we couldn't get out so of course being the generous person i am, i brought her a couple of my favorite hat options :)
she loved me so much that day - since she was not much of a fan of my favorite hats she thought she would embarass me by screaming " - wooo wooo" out the car window to a bunch of construction workers - so she did that....
i love the way medication makes people funny

overall - we got the results from the eeg yesterday - they said nothing showed in the eeg - so she is going to talk to the doc today and figure out what the next plan is - thanks for your prayers