Wednesday, October 05, 2005

patti patti bo batty

so a while back we went to get the ambulatory eeg for patti (equipment that recorded her brain waves for 48 hours) - she was funny as usual - laughin it up in the neurology office - mirror mirror in my hand, who's the craziest in the land :)
gotta love her (despite her vanity issues :))

the day she got her brain wave readers off i made her a batch of cookies to celebrate - then she had so much glue left in her hair that we couldn't get out so of course being the generous person i am, i brought her a couple of my favorite hat options :)
she loved me so much that day - since she was not much of a fan of my favorite hats she thought she would embarass me by screaming " - wooo wooo" out the car window to a bunch of construction workers - so she did that....
i love the way medication makes people funny

overall - we got the results from the eeg yesterday - they said nothing showed in the eeg - so she is going to talk to the doc today and figure out what the next plan is - thanks for your prayers


carrie said...

let's make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies when i come over:)

shellyeve said...

that sounds awesome!

Allison said...

i looked just like that when i had a 70-electrode-shower-cap-looking-thing taken off too. (i had it to monitor my hearing brain waves as a research study.) the only difference was that i was in dallas alone on a business trip and didn't have a good friend like shelly to bring me a pretty hat or make me cookies. i actually had to go meet a friend for lunch looking all glued up after they took it off. the upside, however, was that i got paid to do it. wouldn't it be nice if you got paid to do all of these tests? maybe you can offer to be a 'research subject' like i do? :)

Patti said...

oooooo....could you put in a good word for me where you work. Sometimes Shelly thinks I can't hear. Like when she says something to me and I sa,"HUH", really loud. It makes her laugh a lot, but it can get on her nerves every now and then. She has put up with a lot. I wonder of she has put in any ads for a new roommate yet?! ;) I think we have more good times than bad. Right? :) Love you guys :)

Kristen said...

Hey there - I was wondering if you could clarify something with shelly. She left me a message saying she wanted to post a new roommate ad on the church b-board. I coudnt remember if it was 2 bedroom 2 bath or 2 bedroom and 1 1/2 bath. Thanks!

shellyeve said...

kristen - i never left you a message about that :)
thanks for following up though - maybe it was another shelly
but we currently live in an overpriced 3 bedroom
looking to move still so we don't know where we'll be living yet