Friday, January 13, 2006

pay for our next cd :)

well...somehow i've been nominated as best female vocal and mike has been nominated as best male vocal on an independent music site - so funny - but the cool thing about it is if one of us wins, our next cd could be completely paid for by these people!!! so if you want to help and see if we can win to pay for our next cd then go to this site


  • and vote for us

    this round of voting will put the top artists in the semifinals
    and then in feb. we all need to revisit the site to vote again for the final round
    (if we make it that far)
    if you like our music please vote - cds are expensive to make :)
    love ya'll

    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Christmas 2005

    I had a wonderful Christmas with my family - Patti celebrated with us - it was a lot of fun

    our tree :)

    dad reading the word before we open gifts on christmas eve

    andy opening his gift - (scooby snacks from me)

    i think he likes it - "yay andy!"

    mama shannon helping sweet faith open her gifts

    she liked my gift to her - a collapsible tunnel thing that she can crawl in - she had a lot of fun in it

    my mom is so pretty isn't she?!
    she loves her oversized santa mug filled with candy

    this was baby jack's first christmas!!!! so cute!

    and of course i can't leave out one of the funniest moments of the night - where patti met spongebob - long lost friends - reunited - she was overjoyed!

    and all is right with the world again....