Monday, April 24, 2006


thanks for all of your helpful comments on my last post - i think i may be more organized than i thought - but i think my goal is to be like my sister, shannon - man! she is on top of things! she does not keep old clothes around that she doesn't wear anymore...she keeps the house looking great - she loves the LORD! she loves her husband and family in a way that is just beautiful to watch - and she's now an amazing mary kay rep (speaking of...i will probably be hosting mary kay party at my house soon for shannon - i'd love for all you girls to come and meet my sis! we'll all have facials and makeovers - haha - let me know who is interested - you can comment here or e-mail me) anyway - i've just been thinking about her a lot the past couple days b/c this past weekend she and her family moved to charlotte - they lived about 25 minutes away for so long! and now i'll have to drive 3 hours - life is so rough in america!
but for real...that's a long way.
whenever anyone is going to charlotte let me know - i want to come. (i'll help pay for gas)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


why do i keep junk e-mail around? i'm not talking about the horrid junk e-mails that come in already sifted...i'm talking about the forwards and the random info junk mails from people i know - i feel bad deleting those - as if they will care?! what is wrong with me - it's not a big deal right? no one cares if i delete that - in fact, people send it for a quick smile and expect deletion, right? i don't know why i feel so bad about deleting it - don't get me wrong - i'm grateful to be on the mailing list - it makes me feel loved :) - it's like someone sent me a letter (which is another thing i have a hard time getting rid of) and i can't toss it b/c someone spent time/money on me - and i feel careless or ungrateful throwing it away - plus it helps me to remember an event - but i just need to get over it and toss things i think - b/c i can know i was grateful without keeping the card or e-mail - now i just have to make the time to do it - to start deleting and go through cards and throw them away - ugh... then i'm going to see all the cards and e-mails and have all the memories - and go through my vicious cycle again - maybe i'll wait and do it tomorrow.