Thursday, May 18, 2006

June 3rd!! Facials :)

Calling all girls - my sister just joined up with Mary Kay and is of course an amazing rep - she wants to throw a party here in Raleigh and I am going to host it at my house on June 3rd. I have no clue how many people might be interested in this - but the invitation is open to all - I just need a response for 2 things - 1. let me know if you can come at all... and 2. let me know what time works better for you 10 am? or 3pm?

if there is an even split or enough interested in both times, then we will just throw 2 parties :)

if you are a boy reading this and know of girls that might be interested, please pass along the info and have her respond here or call me so that i can plan for numbers :)
thanks everyone!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dave Barnes Concert

tonight at Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill - i think it's at 8 - come if you want :)