Saturday, July 29, 2006


so tonight i turned on the tv and flipped through the channels a bit to see if there was anything good on...and yes, my friends, HEE HAW saved the day - i used to watch that with my family - southern living at it's best. i hadn't seen or thought about that tv show in soooo long! it's just corny funny - so as i was watching i thought about another show with that guy from full house - he'd always say "cut it out" and then this annoying girl would screech "eie eie" - does anyone remember that show? i can't remember the name - maybe it was called "cut it out" - but i don't think so.


Seth and Kelly Palmer (my close friends from college) welcomed their new little boy into the world on Wednesday afternoon!
These pictures are from their online photo album - I will be visiting them soon to take some of my own - I can't wait to hold that little guy!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Raleigh Rescue Mission Needs Coffee

I was visiting the Raleigh Rescue Mission website and saw that one of their URGENT NEEDS is coffee - decaf and regular - I know a lot of people who work for Starbucks and Caribou, and I figure if you aren't one of those people, that you know some people too - also, there are ways to order mass amounts of cheaper coffee either online or at sams club or whatever - So let's help the Raleigh Rescue Mission and gather as much coffee as we can for them - Drop off your donations at the receptionist office at Providence and just tag it "Shelly Moore - Raleigh Rescue Mission" as soon as you can - and we will get your donations to them!
If you are part of a sunday school class, this might be a great thing for your class to go in on together.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

so...i know it's been a while - i've been off leading worship with mike at youth camps - it's been a lot of fun - i've seen the Lord work in such magnificent and mysterious ways in the lives of some of the youth, the youth workers, and even me. i know what you are thinking ... "even you...right" - yep - it's been a long time comin - God is so gracious to continue to love me through all the sin he continues to reveal to me - i just hope that I am not wasting His time revealing it by returning to it. So, that's my prayer, that I would know true repentance to the honor and glory of His name. He gives me joy, let me not cover it. He gives me love, let me not stifle it. He gives me peace, let me not control it. He gives me life in Christ, let me delight in it. Please hold me accountable to this brothers and sisters. I need you.

I need you like water like breath like rain - haha
k - now's where i get dumb and start singing in my head like lee ann rhymes (sp?) -

anyway - there is another great story i'd like to share as well - there was an incredible girl i met at one of the youth camps - she's 15 - she knows the Lord and loves Him - i was encouraged by her love for people and her joy in Him - she was learning so much at the camp and toward the end of the week she called her mom to check up on her family and found out that her aunt had passed on just an hour before - this was very unexpected news - but ironically great news - as her aunt lived her life before the Lord - and delighted in His service - so i had the privilege to explain more about death and God's power over it to this girl - what an encouraging conversation - it was amazing and sealed in the rest of the teaching from the week as real and necessary. so good.
God is so good.
He has conquered everything bad - and uses it to His glory - which is our good. amazing don't you think? - i'm still trying to wrap my mind around it - so this is just another rambling from me about our incredible Lord.
let the commenting begin!