Monday, September 11, 2006


well, the past couple days we've done some shows - it's been fun - we played in the courtyard of colonial before they opened the doors for the shane and shane show - a few familiar faces came early to see us - it was nice to see some familiar faces - especially since it was local - we play a lot in other places with all unfamiliar faces and have gotten used to that to some extent - but i just always like to play locally - with the support of my friends and people that really know who i am - i don't feel like i'm fighting a front - it's nice.
anyway - and tonight we played at ncsu's bsu - and there was a guy there that was at an FCA high school leadership retreat we led worship for a few years ago - He was so encouraging and told us he had listened to our cd so much and was ready for the new one - (we are too by the way!)
so that's the new news! we are going officially to record in late October. I can't wait! i'll keep ya posted :)