Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Saturday, October 28, 2006


hey everyone - we are in texas right now - recording our new record...ha - welll we aren't quite recording yet - we are still finishing up a few songs - but the Lord is bringing it together - Joel (our producer and friend) and his sweet family have welcomed us to stay with them in their home for the extent of the time we are here - we will get to hang out with the kids a few nights so he and his wife can get out of the house - love it! the kids are great! they have 2 5-year-old twin boys and 1 3-year-old and they are so smart and funny - it's so much fun!
we will be going to church with them tomorrow and resting a bit i'm sure - then we'll dive deep into the recording process 1st thing on Monday - please keep us in your prayers as we desire this record to encourage our brothers and sisters to walk worthy at all times of life - to not be afraid of suffering - to rejoice at all times in sincerity - and to cling to Christ (as our hope is in the fact that He clings to us - and His grip will not fail).
so press on :)
walking with you :):):)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

we'll miss you patti. (see you at Christmas...) :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Recording... and life...

so even though that sounds like a really deep title - i'm just giving you guys an update :)
mike and i leave to record the second original smb cd (hopefully we are changing the name of the band - i don't like it) haha - anyway - we leave early friday morning to fly to dallas - record - lead worship for a youth camp in dallas - go back in the studio and record some more - and then we'll fly back, Lord willing, Nov. 8 - we play the night of the 8th at Refuge at Providence - i work on the 9th - then we lead worship for Metamorphosis on the 10-12 - then i'm finding a new place to live - i got an extension on my lease at the house i live in now til the end of November - they aren't quite ready to sell it yet - so that's a huge blessing - if you know of any places please let me know :)
i think that's mostly all - please pray that the Lord expands our creativity and that i am vulnerable in my lyrics and that pride wouldn't keep me from writing anything that i need to say - pray we write truthful things and that we are honest and biblical in the songs.

thanks guys - keep in touch while we are gone! i miss you people.

Friday, October 06, 2006

pass the torch...

i love the fall - the leaves changing - i love the temperature then - i hate the cold air that hits me when i get out of the shower! AH! - i love hoodies - and pajama pants - i love all pants - not really a fan of shorts - peas taste really good to me - i really like cotton candy :) - i LOVE being outside, beach, mtns, my front porch, doesn't matter - just outside - phone calls make me feel special - mail makes me feel loved - singing is fun, i get lost in music sometimes - i have too many pictures - probably because i take too many pictures - i need to purge a lot of stuff - i want to move away from raleigh someday - i would love to travel and see more of the world - i can't wait for heaven - i struggle with self-discipline - my sin makes me really sad - Christ is my joy - i have 2 sisters, 1 brother - 1 brother in law - 1 niece, 1 nephew - my family isn't perfect but we have learned unconditional love - (they have to put up with me) - in high school i was on the tennis team - and on the swim team - butterfly was my best stroke - i love to dance - i've danced in the rain before - it was wonderful - i love the rain - and getting wet - i don't like sitting in front of computers too long - tazo passion tea tastes really good - an iced vanilla latte with extra vanilla is my favorite fru fru coffee drink - i love gas station brand French Vanilla Cappuccinos - i like getting dirty - and don't really mind staying dirty for a while... ha - i am moving soon (in raleigh still) - not sure where - God knows - i wish He'd tell me - i wish i was with Him and loved Him even more than I do - i love Him a lot - i'm in a band :) - i am writing songs now for the next cd - still not done - going to record in 2 weeks - stressed - i like hugs - i love my friends - i'm not sure how i feel about getting older - i like to snowboard - i'm scared of ski lifts - i have a fear of falling - skateboarding looks cool - i can't really stand on one - i like to make others happy - i love to laugh - my mom and lil sis are coming up tomorrow to love on me :):):) praise the Lord.

i am passing the torch to .... emily!