Saturday, November 25, 2006


i'm moving ... now - ha - i need help - please come over. haha
i'm serious - no really... seriously - please stop reading and come to my house
i need you.

Friday, November 03, 2006


we have been having a great time - it's been so exhausting though - the process has moved slower than expected and we are recognizing that our role here isn't only in recording but God has us here to encourage some other brothers and sisters in Him and to encourage them to press on - so we are excited that the Lord has made that clear and we are doing all we can to follow as He leads - we are done with studio time for the week and are now a little further south in Mansfield, TX leading worship for a D-Now weekend for a youth group here - this is fun - but honestly we are so tired - and we have a lot coming up still - pray for renewal and energy - :) we love and miss you guys!
i've been so encouraged by the e-mails i've received - thanks for your prayers!
enjoy the pictures! (oh! and we went trick-or-treating with the boys and saw the coolest pumpkin ever - that's in the pictures)