Friday, December 15, 2006

christmas 2006

so...i just moved into my new place - i love it - i am going to be starting a lot of projects i've postponed for so long - some paintings i owe some people... :) and organizing the photography i have - along with making more jewelry and such to keep my contacts in the local stores and love on them. It's been neat to see those relationships begin and grow as i deal with them differently than other artists they are used to dealing with. i've got my desk set up at my house - oh and i'm making the spare room a studio that local musicians can use - tomorrow i'm picking paint colors - i could probably use some help with that if anyone would like to join me. i have a christmas tree that is has rainbow lights - and a random assortment of a few ornaments that i have - it is from my church - they were giving some away last year after the christmas musical - and apparently i got there too late to grab a white lighted tree - but this one is unique - it definitely has it's own flair - my parents have always had a rainbow lit tree - so it's kind of welcoming and really heart-warming in it's own little scrawny way.
i'm grateful.