Thursday, January 11, 2007

going to dallas

hey - i'm going to dallas this weekend to record the final vocals for the new cd project - i'm so excited about this cd - there have been so many sick people around me, i've been a little nervous about getting sick as well (because we only have this weekend to finish) - but i realized how little my faith seemed as i know that God can protect and keep me from much greater things (than germs) - ha - it's funny to even type it ... but it's true and He has. and i'm so thankful!
I fly out Friday morning and get back on Tues. - the goal for release is March 07 - we are pretty close to being on track for this so i'll keep you posted (mom) :)
please pray for continued health and creativity as i am still wrapping up a few things with the lyrics and melodies.
there are some videos on the band myspace page that mike made of some of the recording process - if you want to waste some time feel free to go by and watch :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Josh and Sarah are both Hintons :)