Monday, February 19, 2007

send those photos to your mom!


  • this is a site that you can use for free and send large files to matter what the e-mail limits are - go ahead and send all those baby pix and so on to your families :) give them versions they can print!
    and musicians! send those tracks to your producers in just a few minutes instead of overnighting them and dropping farther into the land of the starving artists.

    save your money...

    so i thought i'd share some randomness that i keep learning not everyone knows about already....
    i assume that if i know about something that most of the world already knows - so i have a tendency not to share - not today folks - and hopefully you will benefit in some way from info that i post. :)

  • the best source of everything - an online garage sale
  • another smaller craigslist-ish site
  • google's shopping friend - type in what your looking to buy and froogle will show you the best deals on the internet

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    my friends went to the grammys - haha!

    Happy Valentines

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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    dallas again and release date (March 30)

    well there's a lot going on - i'm going back to dallas next weekend to record bgv's and even though i though the last trip was going to be the final trip, i was mistaken b/c this one is apparently the new final trip - anyway - daniel renstrom with Providence approached us and asked if we (mike and i) would want to do our cd release concert there, and they could host it alongside worship ministry - sooooo sweet - that was such a blessing in many ways to have your church support you like that - and the people that we get to work with at the church are just incredible anyway. so the Lord is just being very gracious. the cd release is scheduled for MARCH 30 in the Delta Lake Center at Providence Baptist Church. i would love it if as many of you could come as possible! - More details will be posted soon.