Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cast your cares on Him, He cares for you.

so God has been teaching me a lot as usual - He is so good to us! God has been teaching me the significance of "casting my cares on Him" - Funny word to use there isn't it? "Casting" ... I was thinking about that the other day... you know, the only other places i could remember that term being used in the bible was when the fishermen were casting their nets for fish - i've done that! it is so tough! the net is so easy to get tangled in - it takes so much strength and intentionality to cast it away from you - but once you practice casting it out a few times you get better and better - and you can throw farther - now...your throw never determines how many fish you get - that's just the chance of what's in the water - but i was thinking on the significance of "casting" my cares on Him who cares for me and it was neat to think about this analogy, as I believe all our trials are placed in our lives for a reason more significant that we can know - how easy it can be to get completely entangled in our anxieties!...but the only thing we are called to do is cast them on Him - the fishermen will never get to see any fish if they never cast a net - in the same way, i think we will never be able to see how God can use the trials He's placed in our lives for good until we lean on Him within them. We've got to take our cares/anxieties/trials to the Lord and trust Him to make those situations fruitful for eternal purposes - He brings the fish.

(I don't know if I explained this very's clear in my head. :) ha.)
it's been an encouraging thought to me - hope it encourages someone in the internets
(and yes i did say internets)