Wednesday, February 27, 2008

39. fix my computer or buy a new one (if it's more cost effective)

UPDATE! in the last goals update post i told you that i was getting my computer fixed for free which was sooooo cool - such a blessing from the Lord! But the mac store didn't have the part I needed to get it fixed in any of it's warehouses - AND they don't even make the part anymore.... so mac wrote the rep at the store at crabtree that i was working with, and told him to give me a new computer!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!
so i'm getting a new computer - i had a powerbook g4 - and i'm getting a macbook pro! OH MY GOSH!
this is more than i could have possibly imagined! God is pretty incredible - not that He had to grant me a new computer to prove it - it's just His gracious providing hand extended to me...I am so grateful.

(should come in today - hopefully i will have it by tonight)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

SONY/EMI Distribution Worldwide.

We are so blessed to be a part of this compilation cd - and even feel more blessed to be able to share the experience with a few of our friends who are fulltime as well - Jeff Johnson Band, Jonny Diaz, Carl Cartee...
Should be a fun cd. I think it will be sold everywhere cds are sold. :) May 27. Then I need you guys to call the radio stations and request Whisper by the Shelly Moore Band. That's the song that will be released on this compilation and we would love to have the majority of the american christian culture singing "You're not the God we made, You're not the God we could create..." and to consider the majesty of the God who is and the delight of hearing His voice above that of the world. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

goals update...

1. go full-time with music :)
NOVEMBER 23. it's official - i'm currently living off of savings and setting up the business...
2. set up the "business" for the band officially for taxes and payroll (when we have income)
in progress
3. play music at a homeless shelter
playing at a homeless feeding one sat. in raleigh - date tba
4. play music at an orphanage/childrens home
need to find one?!
5. throw a big celebration retreat to love on the women in my life and encourage each other to press on
6. paint 20 more paintings and do a gallery show
7. scan and edit all of my existing photography and do a gallery show
8. have a photograph published in a major magazine - *ideally a maternity photo in a baby magazine
9. get in shape - lose 30 lbs.
in progress
10. tour with another band
11. hire a band full-time
12. hire a booker
13. hire a marketing manager
14. hire a sound tech
15. do a tour in another country
16. open on a tour for a major artist
17. do a tour or a series of shows with daniel renstrom
18. develop a planner for artists (none have worked for me - i'd consider this complete if I found a good one that already exists)
19. make all my christmas gifts this year
all the women got handmade stuff. :) except faith - she's 5 and i figured she wanted something other than handmade jewelry.
20. get married (Lord's timing - His will - we'll see, my mom is convinced it'll happen one day - thanks mom...ha) - in sanctification process which is definitely preparing me for one wedding....maybe 2 :)
21. sell art/jewelry/photography in 5 or more boutiques/stores in different states
in progress, sold in 1 in raleigh so far
22. design a website in html
23. design a website using flash
24. get paid to design a website
in progress - still negotiating! eeee - i better learn quick! ha
25. do a series of photography prints with a unique framing style
26. get rid of half my wardrobbe
in progress - donated 2 tubs of clothes to Providence. but not 1/2way there yet.
27. sell a painting
28. visit family in sweden
29. have my own artist site to sell/display work/portfolio
in progress and
30. play guitar at my own show - i'm learning
31. make up a new recipe for a main dinner dish
32. memorize hebrews
in progress
33. memorize james
34. run a 5k (i know this may seem small but i'm not a runner - so hopefully when i finish i can set a new goal to do something longer)
35. get new health insurance
36. work out every day for at least 30 min. for 1 full month
37. upgrade to CS3 Master Collection
38. get a Canon 5D
39. fix my computer or buy a new one (if it's more cost effective)
praise God getting it fixed for free!!!
40. live in another state for more than a month
41. visit friends in california
42. figure out how to use pa-joe's letterpress
43. record an original easter/resurrection cd/could be considered christmas cd