Tuesday, May 20, 2008

With May 27th street date around the corner, the debut album currently has three Top 20 singles in multiple formats

(NASHVILLE, TENN.) -- Underground Sound, Volume One, the first project in a new CD series that will introduce Christian music fans to the hottest up-and-coming acts in Christian music today, will be released by NuSpring Records on May 27, 2008, distributed by EMI-CMG. With the street date still a few weeks away, the album is achieving unprecedented radio success with three Top 20 singles in multiple formats, with two more waiting in the wings.

"Carl Cartee's 'Trust In You' is fast becoming a hit at Soft AC/Inspirational radio!" says radio promoter Mark Giles at Hit Radio Promo. "Currently 10 on the CRW Inspo chart, listeners are voting yes, yes, YES!"

In addition to Carl Cartee's Top 10 hit, Paul Alan's "To Bring You Back" is currently in the Top 15 on the CRW and R&R CHR Chart, and the Jonny Diaz single "Hold Me" is resting in the Top 20 on the CRW Indie Chart. In addition to these early successes, Jeff Johnson Band's "Ruin Me" is currently the top new and active song on the R&R AC Monitored chart, and should debut in the Top 30 of the AC Chart next week. "Something Wrong" from Separated is also getting attention from Christian rock programmers, and is only a few spins away from debuting on the R&R Rock Chart.

Other artists featured on Underground Sound, Volume One are Last Year Portrait, Maria Long, The Wrecking, Justin Cofield Band, Foolish Things, 1 Life, Shelly Moore Band, The Ride, Abbi Walker and Jessica McLean. Additional radio singles from the project are planned for summer and fall.

Executive Producer Paul Wright III (who was also instrumental in launching the popular WOW Gospel series) created the Underground Sound brand for the purpose of introducing the "Top 15 songs by the Top 15 artists" that are sure to be tomorrow's biggest and best artists in the Christian music genre. The producers started with over 1500 artists and narrowed the list down to the top 15 songs that represent the absolute best independent Christian artists in music today. All of the artists are full-time musicians, with extensive fan bases. Combined, they have in excess of more than 2.7 million song plays on their MySpace pages.

An aggressive marketing campaign is in place, including extensive online promotions and partnerships as well as a nationwide television promotion that will have most of the project's artists performing on local television morning programs in each of their hometowns during the week of the album's release.

NuSpring Records is a Nashville-based record company, founded in 2007 by industry veteran Paul Wright III. NuSpring's artist roster includes Lamar Campbell, Daryl Coley, Ricky Dillard, Joe Pace, Isaac Simpson, Leesa Jordan, Image and The Classic Imperials.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So, a concert I was supposed to do a while back around the Campbell University area didn't go so well. I completely lost my voice before the concert - I went to the doctor and if I'm remembering correctly, I had a mix of laryngitis and strep. But it was too late to cancel the show so the doc gave me this numbing stuff that I was supposed to inject with a dropper into my throat....

We did the concert but had to end early. I think I was only able to attempt 3 songs - I already knew we weren't going to be able to do a full set so I called Jacob Taylor to open up and split the set - HE ROCKED IT - just him and his guitar but I loved the sound - I didn't get any pics of him but definitely buy his stuff - it has been such a blessing to me.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

"To Be Known Is To Be Loved
and To Be Loved Is To Be Known."
[the woman at the well]
John 4:1-26

nashville=overrated :)

So the trip to nashville wasn't as bad as my blog post title might suggest, but God totally used it to teach me so much. I got to stop halfway at a friend's house in the mountains of NC on the way up and on the way back. It's beautiful there. On the way up I went to a small church where I was surrounded by people that didn't know me but welcomed me without reservation. The next few days I spent in Nashville, I was also surrounded by believers, and technically had more in common with them as we serve the Lord together in the same industry. But there, it felt as though people wondered, "Why should I know you...what makes you worth my time" - my answer would of course be the Lord is who makes me worthy - I have no worth to speak of that should make you turn your head... He has allowed me to be here - and He is good. I got a lot of very funny "you're an idiot" looks, when I told people there that I didn't actually know that this was GMA week - I was out here because I put an ad on craigslist. haha. Most people seemed to like my craigslist idea though - even though they thought it was funny.
SO glad I didn't actually go to Nashville to be a part of that GMA week - I do believe that God totally wanted me to be there at that time in His sovereignty - I did meet some nice people and got to hang out with Jeff Johnson (the guy who sang some background vocals on our last cd) a bit, who I never see since he lives in Dallas. So overall it was a really fun trip, but I'd say the Lord brought me back, appreciating the community he surrounds me with more than ever. It was just so overwhelmingly apparent that the music industry, although filled with believers, is a business. It is not the church. I'm so grateful I don't have to prove my worth to the people of God - (I have none :)) - and I'm grateful to those in the small town church that helped me to see that picture so clearly.