Thursday, June 26, 2008


i took photos of jessie and her sweet family yesterday! - I went to college with rhett and it's been a joy to watch the Lord work in his life and grant him the best wife in the world and a sweet son - and now another one on the way! Jessie has grown to be such a precious friend to me over the years - I am so grateful to know this family! and I can't help but have a little crush on Locke (the 4 year old in the picture) I mean...for real - can anyone resist his little dimples? Can't wait to meet the new addition...
I've actually been taking a lot of pictures lately - it's been a fun season for it -- I've posted some favorites on my design blog - hope you enjoy! and if you get a chance - check out rhett's work with link - you can find their stuff at or you could just go watch my favorite video ever of theirs... the grammys.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

lock your doors.

a couple nights ago i was sitting at a stoplight near my house and a man was crossing the street in front of me - i had a strange feeling about it so i made sure my doors were locked - and as he walked he crossed in front of my car then came around to the passenger side and tried to get in my car - he started gesturing for me to let him in and began pulling on the door handle - i was so stunned for a moment as i looked at him shaking my head no and then my sense returned (this happened fairly quickly) and i ran the light i was stopped at to get away from him - i called the police and reported it so that they would be aware that he might try to get in another car - i wasn't sure what he was going to do but i was pretty shaken up about it and had a hard time sleeping (as this happened about a block from my house) ... my roommates are lovers of God and prayed for me and for him when I got home. As a girl, I have received forward upon forward warning me of "situations that could happen if a man gets in your car" and "what to do when..." - so my head flooded with stories - and I was so grateful in that moment that the Lord gave me a sinking feeling that led me to check to make sure the doors were locked. I thought through it all and wondered to myself, if he had gotten in my car and done things to me that were hurtful or scarring even, it would not make the Lord any less good. Man, that was a hard one to filter but it's so true - we are in a sinful place - so therefore we will be affected by sin - by our own and by the sin of others - and yes, God is able to protect us - but overall i have to remember that all things are under His control - and He is good. This is not heaven - I can not and should not expect to live here unaffected by the sin of the world... Paul was in prison - Stephen was stoned - Jim Elliot was killed - there are people throughout the Word of God and in the history of Christian martyrs who understood that these present trials do not make our God any less good. They just prove the depravity of this world and give us opportunity upon opportunity to show the world that there is a hope in this darkness - things to be seen their eyes have never beheld - things to hear their ears are deafened to --- may we know His WORD, that we may be ready at all times to point to the light in the darkness...
but of course if i can be of any service to anyone reading this now - i'd say pray daily - read His Word - and don't forget to lock your doors.

final decision... i was sort of biased to the hairless one of the last post but mike said it looked like an alien and taylor said a drag queen and james said a bald girl or a dude with fake eyelashes.... i was not expecting that - so then we added hair but lost some of the energy that the first had - so is the final - a happy medium that still has the energy and dynamic composition of the first with the necessary hair of the second :) hope you guys are all happy and will all buy one. :) there are 2 more designs that will be releasing soon - these will be available for purchase soon - through a newly designed website (if i can get it done in time....if not, they will be for purchase here and linked to paypal...either way i'll let you know) now i just have to decide final colors... maybe i'll just have to print two versions.... :)

which one?


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

so... i kinda think this is funny.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


i need to be reminded of the power of prayer daily - i am so inclined to believe that it just makes me feel better "handing things off to God" when in reality prayer is so much more. i'd love to hear your thoughts or a time when the Lord has answered your prayers to just remind me of His faithfulness and to encourage all of us. Please comment. Can't wait.