Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ricky Berens gets a gold medal!!

the berens' family lived in my neighborhood and we swam together on the neighborhood swim team - except he was maybe 8 then. (when i was still swimming on that team) so weird how time flies... - anyway... I AM SO PROUD OF YOU RICKY! Congrats to you and your sweet family!

Monday, August 04, 2008

the unlimited plan

so i've been looking into phones recently - i've been looking specifically at the iphone since it will sync with my mac and offer me endless direction with it's sweet gps function and internet accessibility... i am directionally inept and with band travel and not a lot of time, my texting has increased...all this costs money. I have not decided on the phone yet but I was talking with a friend and mentioned that i need to be more disciplined with my minutes - i was speaking about the minutes in my day but she asked "are you talking about your phone?! You have unlimited minutes!" -- and i laughed and said, "no, i was talking about the minutes in my day - but hey, i could definitely use the unlimited plan on those!....hmmm...i think i need the plan with the unlimited daytime minutes and unceasing prayer" --- oh how i wish. but God in his infinite wisdom knows that i do not need that kind of plan - even though sometimes i would totally desire it - i get overwhelmed with the minutes i have. and He surely knows i need the nights rest and the new day with new mercies. Oh that he would help me to be more faithful with the few minutes He grants - that He might receive glory and honor from this foolish child. and may i realize that He gives me just enough minutes to complete the tasks He sets before me, all the direction i could ever need in His word, and unlimited access to His infinite wisdom and ever-presentness in prayer. ....i still think an iphone might be nice.