Monday, June 08, 2009



so now the only question is...natalie who? I know more than one natalie -- so natalie, contact me so I can get this print to you!

Congrats to Natalie - and thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway!

Prints will be for sale in my etsy store soon! So if you'd like to buy one just email me and I can set up a listing specifically for you! :) Stay tuned in to this blog for more giveaways and fun stuff!
until then, stay creative! :)

♥ shells


Patti said...

Demanding a recount or... Redraw... I suspect fowl play since my name was not picked.... I know... A soar loser... Congrats Natalie :)

alightonahill said...

there's always next time!

Nat said...

sadly it wasn't me.... (NF)

Adam and Nat said...

It's ME NATALIE!!!! Yay! I love winning! Thanks Shelly!!!

Natalie Renstrom