Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kate McRae

Promise Tangeman Wurzell is a fantastic designer who designed my band t-shirts -- she has a blog that is normally full of design posts and fun things, but recently she posted a video and some pictures of a sweet little girl named Kate McRae, who had recently been diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor -- Promise and her husband Brian are close friends with the McRae family --- I've been following the updates and praying, and realized that I should share it with all of my readers as well -- It has been beautiful in so many ways to see the response of so many people who have joined in to pray for Kate
- so now I'm passing this opportunity to pray to you... Please lift up Kate and her family -- watch the 2 videos below for updates and the 3rd video is a beautiful song that was written by a Nashville artist for Kate -- It's beautiful!!! and a perfect reminder to all of us that God is near.
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Stephanie said...

Hi Shelly, this is Stephanie Drummond, I would like to thank you in joining in and praying for Kate. Our family knows Kate's aunt, she is one of my sister's best friends. And to see the body of Christ coming together from all directions to pray for this little girl has just been spectacular!